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What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

The soft tissues of the body include the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.  These muscles undergo tremendous wear and tear throughout our daily lives, especially if we adopt poor lifestyle habits such as prolonged sitting and not performing correct strength and conditioning.  This results in chronic muscle imbalances whereby some muscles become overworked, underworked, too short, or too long.  If not corrected, these imbalances often result in injury and general aches and pains.  Furthermore, pain can often be referred to another area of the body, as quite often, where the pain is, the problem isn't!  A key reason for this is the influence of fascia, which is the connective tissue that links the body together.  Therefore, a vital focus of my practice is examining the key lines of fascial tension throughout the body, and releasing off areas of tightness - as tightness is not always muscular in nature.  This holistic, global approach is something that is often missing from many practices!

How is Soft Tissue Therapy Practiced?

There are many different ways to influence the soft tissues in the body.  Previously, I have gone by the title of 'Sports Massage Therapist', as Sports Massage Therapy is perhaps the main method I use in practice.  However, I eventually found this to unrepresentative of what I do and the scope of my specialist expertise.  After all, I do not just provide a 'massage', and the 'Sports' element implies you have to be an athlete to benefit, which is definitely not the case!  After all, since when do you need to be an athlete to suffer from aches and pains?  Therefore, I have now chosen the title of Soft Tissue Therapist, as along with a large variety of sports massage techniques, there are many other methods that I incorporate into my practice to tackle muscle imbalances, which include posture assessments, strength and conditioning, stretching, osteopathic articulation techniques, gait analysis, personal training and sports taping.  This is all made possible through my degree in Sport and Exercise Science, and my Biomechanics related master's degree, amongst other qualifications.  I also plan on adding other services in the future, so watch this space!  All of my services can be read about on their own separate pages on my website, but when you read about them, do remember to consider the holistic approach I take, as it is important to consider the body as a whole rather than honing in on specific areas of symptoms!

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