Personal Training For All!

We're always being told about how beneficial gyms can be in terms of improving our health, and perhaps you have been advised by a professional such as myself or a GP that you really should be using these sorts of facilities more often.  However, many people in this position may like the idea of joining a gym but have no idea where to start and feel overwhelmed by it all.  You may be thinking: 


What do I do when I'm in there?

For how long?

How many sets, reps?

How much recovery?

How heavy or intense should I go?

Is my form correct? 


The list goes on... Perhaps you also feel more motivated by having someone there to spur you on, giving you their undivided attention, or you want more of a structured training plan as you know this will give you a sense of accountability to follow your training.  For all of these reasons, personal training is much more effective at helping clients to achieve their specific goals and will be much more likely to make you go further than if you attempt to embark on this journey alone!  In fact, one of the main reasons the vast majority of people starting a new exercise plan drop out so early on e.g. new year's resolutions becoming a distant memory by February/March, is despite having all the best intentions, there is no proper plan being implemented on how you're going to achieve these aims - this is where PT can help!  After all, exercise should be a sustainable, longer term lifestyle change and not just a quick fad!  Common goals that can be worked towards include:

  • Weight Loss

  • Sport-specific performance

  • Improvements in body composition

  • Reduction in blood pressure or cholesterol

  • Improved strength and stamina

  • Improved perception of body image and self-confidence 

  • Increase in flexibility and coordination

Is PT for me?

Yes!  PT should be for everyone!  Many people feel daunted by the idea of starting an exercise programme, and may even feel that they're 'too unfit to join a gym'.  However, the whole point of starting an exercise programme is to get fitter in the first place, and this attitude will only keep you in a vicious cycle.  Many may also feel self-conscious about not looking or performing the same way as others in the gym, and this I feel is aggravated by the way many other trainers advertise their services by using pictures of six packs, muscles and bikini bodies...  This hardly displays a broad sense of inclusion, and it is understandable why it may put some people off.  It ignores what exercise and PT services are all about as there is always something for everyone.  In reality, you will be in the same boat as many others, as gym-goers come in all shapes and sizes and it's also important to remember that everyone was a beginner once!  Who knows, maybe in time you will become a success story that inspires somebody else to exercise for the first time... 

At the Gym

PT Services and Pricing:


30 min initial consultation (face to face or via telephone/video call) - £25.00

The initial consultation will take place prior to starting one to one exercise.  This is the opportunity for you as the client to discuss what your goals are from your exercise and for me to become familiar with your exercise history and preferences and to conduct a medical screening.  This stage is important as setting effective goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound is an essential part of formulating an effective programme which is most likely to maximise success.  In sum, prior planning prevents poor performance!  *Note - the initial consultation is included at no extra charge when purchasing a 12 week plan.


One hour PT sessions at the Steel Yard Gym, Melton Mowbray - £40.00

I offer in-person PT sessions on a 'pay as you go' basis for a standard rate of £36.00 per hour.  This rate can also be extended if longer sessions are needed.  This is ideal for anyone on a lower budget not wanting to pay out for a full 12 week programme, or who is new to PT and they want to try it before investing in a full programme.

My PT sessions usually take place at the Steel Yard Gym in Melton Mowbray.  This gym has excellent facilities and arguably has the best setup out of any facility in the area.  It attracts a range of customers, both male and female, of a variety of ages and abilities.  To use this facility you will also need a membership, or will need to pay for a day pass.  You can find more information about the Steel Yard on their website:

Alternatively, my PT sessions can take place in a mobile capacity for an additional fee.  This is especially useful for people who have a home gym.  If you are interested in this option then it can be discussed further in the initial consultation. 


12 week personalised programme - £150.00 base rate, + a discounted rate of just £30.00 for each 1 hour face to face gym session you choose to add!

For the individual who wants to get a lot more from their training.  We all like to see quick results, but in reality in order to truly benefit from exercise it needs to be thought of as a longer-term habit, not just a quick one off or 'fad' that we give up on in a few weeks.  This is where my 12 week plans come in, as this will allow you to adopt a realistic and sustainable long-term regime.  This programme will help to set challenging but achievable goals to benefit your health and/or performance, whilst fitting around your existing lifestyle.  Most importantly, this is specific to YOU!  Generic plans do not get the best results!  

What You'll Get:

  • 30 min initial consultation phone/video call

  • An initial in-person gym PT session to assess baseline fitness

  • A tailored 12 week progressive exercise plan specific to YOU!

  • Nutritional advice to improve your health and performance

  • An individualised online resource with instructional videos to aid your training

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Unlimited email support to answer any questions you may have - big or small!


Extended Health Package -12 week personalised programme & Soft Tissue Therapy - £250.00 

Do you have a history of sports injuries, want to do more to prevent them, or improve your performance by identifying and correcting biomechanical imbalances in your body?  Then this package is for you!  This option allows you to get the best of both worlds by combining my two main practices: Personal Training and Soft Tissue Therapy.  This package will offer all of what you get in the standard 12 week programme detailed above, along with 3 subsidised in-clinic appointments during the 12 weeks (a 90-min initial consultation, and two 60-min follow-ups).  These will take place approximately 4 weeks apart.  Normally these 3 sessions would be £135, but when combined into this programme you can get them for just an extra £100!     


12 week personalised programme (online format) - £130.00

Want to experience the benefits of my 12 week plan but not local to my area?  This variation of the 12 week programme is done via online coaching format, meaning you don't have to be restricted by geographical location!

What You'll Get:

  • 30 min initial consultation phone/video call

  • A tailored 12 week progressive exercise plan specific to YOU!

  • Nutritional advice to improve your health and performance

  • An individualised online resource with instructional videos to aid your training

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Unlimited email support to answer any questions you may have - big or small!