Pre-Appointment Information **PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING**
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Thank you for choosing to book an appointment.  This page contains important information that you will need to read and understand prior to the session to allow the smooth running of the session. *Important Covid-19 guidelines are located below.

  • Payment will be taken via cash, cheque or card at the time of the appointment.

  • Any clients under the age of 16 will need to have a parent/guardian present during the appointment.

  • Arrival - if your session is at Melton Wellness House, then please wait in the seating area on the first floor.  If you are visiting Race Hub, you can either wait in the café, just inside the front door or in the outdoor seating area if the weather is nice.

  • Medical conditions - while I undertake a thorough medical screening prior to giving treatment, it would be useful to know of any medical conditions you have prior to the session along with any medications you are taking (although this is optional).  The reason for this is because despite hands-on treatment being perfectly safe for the vast majority, some medical conditions and medications can contraindicate or place limitations on treatment.  If it is suspected that no treatment should be given, it is better to know in advance so I can refer you to your GP to seek approval before receiving treatment, rather than having to turn you away on the day!  In many cases, treatment can be given with adaptations in place.

  • Attire - For the purposes of the massage and assessment, the client should wear a pair of loose fitting shorts, (not tight leggings) to make it easier to assess leg posture, and access the legs for massage if necessary.  Bras should preferably be able to be unclipped for the purposes of a back massage (some sports bras do not allow this).  For the purposes of a posture assessment, it is better to not wear loose-fitting tops/t-shirts.

  • If you are booking a taping session, it is advised that you shave the area to be taped prior to the session (particularly if you are very hairy), and you keep the skin dry and free from moisturisers and oils to enable the tape to stick better.

  • Please note that my Melton Wellness House clinic requires clients to climb two sets of stairs to access.  If this is likely to result in problems due to mobility etc. then it is advisable to book a mobile session or an appointment at my Race Hub clinic, which is situated on the ground floor.

  • For mobile appointments - a car parking space must be available at the location of the appointment.

  • There must be enough room to set up my couch at the location of the appointment.  This will need to accommodate the couch (around 6ft), along with enough space to for me to safely walk all the way around it.  As a rough guide, most people's living rooms should have enough space.

  • Cancellation Policy: While I understand that plans often need to change at short notice, late cancellations and no shows can unfortunately cost appointment-based businesses like mine a lot in lost income.  Therefore, to make it fair on myself, a minimum of 48 hours notice must be given for cancellations.  Any appointments cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the session may incur the full charge.  If there are special circumstances whereby a client must cancel last minute e.g. due to illness, then this will be assessed on a case by case basis.  If a client does a 'no show', then the appointment will be charged in full - there are no exceptions to this.  Repeat offenders of late cancellations and no shows may also be asked to pay for future sessions upfront.  

COVID-19 Rules for Clients:

Face masks are no longer required by law and are now down to personal choice, and whilst I will not be making it a firm requirement I would still strongly encourage their use to reduce unnecessary spreading of Covid and other common colds.  After all, the virus is still out there and I still have a duty to protect my patients, some of whom are vulnerable.  The use of masks is especially encouraged when working on areas of the body which carry a higher risk of virus transmission such as the neck and shoulder - after all, it is not nice to have someone breathing all over you!