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An additional service I provide is a full body gait analysis, which involves studying the body in motion during walking and/or running.  This is an effective tool that can be used to highlight biomechanical imbalances present in the body, and as running makes up the foundation of nearly any sport, it has the advantage of being relevant to people who take part in sport and exercise at any level, in addition to those who may experience aches and pains on a general day-to-day basis.  This is something I may recommend to patients as part of their treatment e.g. as a follow-up appointment, as it will compliment the biomechanical assessment performed in the initial consultation.  Likewise, this is also something that is suitable for people who are not looking for a full treatment plan, but want to find out more about how they can make their body more biomechanically balanced for the purposes of reducing injury or improvement of sporting performance.  So you know what to expect, you can read a sample 2,000 word gait analysis report by clicking on the link below.


Gait Analysis Plans:

Bronze Package:  This package is ideal for someone with a smaller budget, a client with a running/walking based injury who wants to know the main contributing factors behind this, or an individual looking to find the main areas to focus on to improve their running performance.  You will receive a 500 word 'key point' analysis report explaining your dysfunctions, recommendations of how to correct these issues, along with a personalised online aftercare folder containing videos of recommended exercises that you can keep referring back to.  Prices for this are £50 for the self-record option, or £70 if I meet with you to film you myself.

Silver Package: For the person who wants to gain a little more from their analysis.  Here you get everything from the bronze package, along with a second follow-up 500 word report around 3 months after the initial analysis.  A follow-up is something that is important to consider to ensure that you are making improvement by following the initial aftercare recommendations.  Here, any necessary changes to the aftercare programme will be implemented by introducing progressions to gain further improvement, regressions if the client is struggling with certain aspects, and to pick up on any additional areas that could be improved.  Alternatively, these two 500 word reports could be substituted for a single 1,000 word initial report if the client would like more detail, or has more issues they would like to address whereby a bronze package would not suffice.  This comes with the option of paying for a further bronze report at a later date as a follow-up.  Prices for the silver package are £90 for the self-record option, or £110 if I meet with you.

Gold Package: For the individual who wants to gain the most from their analysis, and achieve the best possible outcomes for their muscle and joint health, and/or running performance.  This package includes a full 2,000+ word analysis of all the key areas of your walking/running technique.  This not only covers the 'key points' of the areas contributing the most to injury or a reduction in performance, but also includes a much more detailed analysis which examines all of your strengths and areas in need of improvement.  This report literally examines from head to toe and spares no details!

As before, you will also receive your personalised aftercare folder, and as an addition exclusive to the gold package, a 1 hour one to one in-person technical session where I help you to implement your aftercare programme.  I will watch/record you performing the recommended drills, and give you on the spot feedback of how to improve at these.  After all, following recommendations is one thing, but this will give you peace of mind you are performing them correctly!  Prices for the gold package are £180 if you choose to self-record for the reports, or £200 if I meet with you.

Where will the gait analysis take place?

As I operate a mobile service, clients have varying degrees of space available in their house, and while a basic walking gait analysis can be performed in most cases, even the bigger houses don't usually provide a suitable environment to do anything thorough. Therefore, these sessions will take place in a local outdoor place; at the convenience of both the client and myself, where there is a flat, predictable surface. While if a client has access to a treadmill in their home it can be performed here also, in my experience many people feel more comfortable walking and running in an outdoor environment where they feel they can move more naturally, and feel a greater sense of balance.  

How will the gait analysis be done?

After a short initial familiarisation, the patient will be filmed from different angles while walking and/or running.  This footage will then be analysed post-appointment, and a short report of the findings will be sent to the patient which will also contain recommendations of how to correct any biomechanical dysfunction that has been identified.  As an alternative, clients are also welcome to record the footage themselves and send it to me.  This is done at a discounted rate of just £40.  


How is this different to a gait analysis provided by a sports shop?

Many runners have a gait analysis provided by a sports shop when choosing an appropriate pair of shoes for their feet.  While this is not a bad thing to do, in most cases this is only a very short, basic analysis, and is not usually performed by a biomechanical specialist.  Therefore, by having an appointment dedicated specifically to this, it gives the opportunity to learn much more about your body.  Also, crucially, most sports shops will provide only a very localised analysis of the feet and lower leg.  While this is undoubtedly effective for choosing appropriate footwear, it does not consider the bigger picture, by analysing other areas of the body.  For instance, I strongly believe in a 'top-down' approach whereby what goes on further up in the body often contributes to dysfunction of the lower limb.  Therefore, it is only by considering the body as a whole that these problems can be addressed.

A sample report can be downloaded here:

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Walking/Running Gait Analysis: 

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