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Exercise Classes:

In 2021 I qualified as a Level 3 Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.  I intend to use this qualification to not only provide a 1 to 1 personal training service, but to also facilitate mass participation exercise.  These exercise classes have many benefits, including:

  • Improving Strength, Coordination and Flexibility

  • Allowing you to Become Fitter

  • Improving Sporting Performance

  • Increasing your Confidence

  • Making New Friends

  • Losing Weight

There are of course many exercise classes out there as fitness instructing qualifications are very commonplace.  However, what makes mine stand out is the other specialist knowledge I can bring to the table.  I regularly treat people with sporting and non-sporting injuries and most of the time these occur due to a lack of strength and flexibility.  Therefore, I know what people are missing and I can build this into my classes!  My varied sporting background and experience as a competitive runner and subsequently a Decathlete also means that I know how to strengthen the body to gain the most out of sporting performance, and in a variety of disciplines, as I know what athletes need!  Also, if you are a previous client then I have already assessed you and can therefore implement some of this knowledge in my classes and PT sessions to allow you to gain more benefit from your rehab/'prehab' - something that most instructors/PTs would not be able to do with an absence of clinical knowledge!  Likewise, if a class participant develops an injury, then I can give advice without having to refer elsewhere.  In essence, it's all interlinked!

Please note - To improve attendence rates and reduce lost income through late cancellations and no shows, I predominantly operate a system whereby participants pay for a 6-week block of sessions at a time (or pro-rata if you join part way through a block).  Pay as you go spaces are only offered once block-payers have been priortised, or if a participant drops out of a session resulting in a single space for a class becoming available.  Please see the information on each class below for pricing.

Upcoming Classes:

I do not currently have any exercise classes on the go.  However, if you are interested in this then please contact me to let me know.  If there is enough demand then I will consider organising some sessions.  Furthermore, if you are a member of an already established sports club, community group, or other, and you would like me to take a session for your group then please get in touch so we can discuss this further.

If you want to gain more from your exercise you may be interested in my 1 to 1 personal training services.  This allows your exercise to be tailored specifically to your goals.  You can read more about this here: 

Do I have to commit to a block booking, or can I try the class as a taster first?

Strictly speaking you could potentially attend on a pay as you basis while you try out the sessions, and I do allow this.  However I would encourage against it.  The main reason being that I am a strong believer that you have to give things enough of a chance to benefit you before deciding against doing them.  Exercise has a cumulative effect, meaning that it is something you must build on over time to gain this benefit.  These adaptations are usually noticeable after 4-6 weeks, and not just one session!  For this reason, I see the 6 week block as the taster rather than the taster being a single class!  If people stick with it they will see the benefit, which will have a big impact on levels of enjoyment.  As you get fitter, the exercise will also feel more comfortable which will subsequently effect enjoyment levels too.  For example, people often find the first session hard because they have not done anything like it before, and they will probably feel achy for days after as their body is not used to it, so this can have a detrimental effect on first impressions, but it is certainly not an accurate representation of things to come if you stick with it!

Paying upfront also gives you the added motivation to attend due to the financial incentive, whereas pay as you go makes it easier to find excuses not to come - don't give yourself an excuse to fail!  Finally, as pay as you go spaces are only offered in the event of a cancellation, availability cannot be guaranteed.   

Terms & Conditions:

  • If you have any injuries or medical conditions, it is useful for me to know about these in advance as medical clearance may be required prior to participation.

  • All participants will be required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) prior to participation.  This will be sent to you prior to your first class.

  • Participants under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a legal guardian.

  • I operate an upfront payment only policy whereby participants purchase a block of sessions.  Payment will be taken via online bank transfer prior to the class.  After booking, I will contact you with details of this.

  • Cancellation policy - Due to the financial costs of late cancellations and the need to cover costs for the venue hire, refunds will only be given if at least 1 week's notice prior to the first class is given.    

  • If a session is cancelled by myself e.g. due to illness etc., then participants can choose between a refund for that session or a free credit for a future session.  Please note that occasionally I may need to cancel a class due to holidays, training courses and competitions etc.  However, if this is the case I will endeavour to give plenty of notice, and if this falls within a block that has already been paid for then participants may choose between receiving a free credit for a future session, or a refund for that session. 

  • Please note that photos and/or videos may be taken during the sessions for promotional purposes. 

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